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An anonymous tumblr user submitted the following:

Thirty players volunteered to take part in something called the ‘Closed Map Experiment.’ Their map was a 350×350 piece of land sealed in bedrock. Their only rule was to not leave the walls. Going into the experiment most were unaware how devastating the consequences of their actions would be.”

This experiment is a microcosm of Man’s Greed.  I really can’t add much else — this is a must read.  The result is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read, and all of this solidified Minecraft, in my eyes, as one of the most profound games ever created.

UPDATE: A few people have tweeted to let me know that this story is probably fake. Aw.

I guess faking stories about interesting things happening is also an unusual way to play, right?

Why Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Is Secretly Horrifying

"You’re not missing much" - lol


my new short!! its about a cute and friendly ghost who TAKES OUT THE TRASH

i had this idea a while ago, but only this week really cranked it out. i’m super happy with it and i hope you enjoy 

music and animation by me! (but music originally written by fats waller!)

Plaid - Eyen

Yeah, very very sad. Found on reddit.

Joe Hisaishi - See You Again - Ending
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Joe Hisaishi - See You Again - Ending

(OST. Robot Carnival)

I think I’ve been listening to this for half an hour and I don’t want to stop


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That Mitchell and Webb look - I don’t know what you want anymore

Subnormality - Watching
lol, something amusing from my twitter feed.

lol, something amusing from my twitter feed.